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In 1999, a small group of people had a great idea: to bring pet shops online and make life easier for pet lovers. Today zooplus AG is Europe’s leading online retailer of pet supplies. With over 8 million active customers in more than 30 European countries and 1,8 billion Euro revenue in 2020, zooplus is comfortably the market leader in the online segment. zooplus currently employs more than 800 employees in 10 international locations, working in the areas of Sales & Marketing, Category Management, Purchasing, IT, Logistics, Finance and HR.

At zooplus, we believe e-commerce to be the sales model of today and for the future. E-commerce has become one of the fastest developing areas of business. Modern logistics centers, and the use of big data and personalization, mean that online sales can be handled with increasing efficiency. As the category leader – a major European e-store with pet-related products – we want to continue to be at the forefront of e-commerce. While we aim to achieve continuous growth, we remain faithful to the key values of our company– a dynamic and flexible approach, constant learning opportunities, and inventive thinking at every level in the organization. The satisfaction of our customers – animal lovers – remains our primary goal, and the trust they place in us is the highest honor. Thanks to the passion of our employees, our customers in over 30 European countries can rest assured that their order is in good hands.

Since 2006 French customers can order food and accessories for their pets via the French website zooplus.fr. In our freshly renovated office in the city center of Strasbourg you can find our dynamic team of around 20 colleagues working on the French and Belgium websites and covering the areas of Online Marketing, Shop Management, Category Management, Sales and Office Administration.

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Company founded in Munich/Germany


Entry into UK market & launch of zooplus.com


French market entry and annual sales exceed EUR 50 million


After IPO in 2008 relisting onto the Prime Standard on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; zooplus present on 17 EU markets


Move to the SDAX


Open new central logistics hub in Poland to increase of total logistics capacity of around EUR 650 m in sales


New central logistic hub in Chalon, France; Presence in 30 countries


Record-breaking sales: EUR 1,11 billion

Recruitment process

Want to be a part of something bigger and at the same time have your impact on how things are done? So maybe it’s time to take the bull by the horns and grab the opportunity. Here’s what happens when you apply.

What your application should include? We need your CV, including your personal data as address, email and phone number. Furthermore a motivation letter including your salary expectation and notice period is mandatory. The motivation letter should explain your personal reasons why you want to join zooplus. We also appreciate if you send us the most relevant certificates and recommendation letters.

Recruiting process

Our HR in Strasbourg

Andrea Barten

Our working culture

zooplus is more than an international company. The company loves diversity and is diverse in both its thinking and its actions, a fact proven by the company’s structure itself. Thanks to our broad range of skills and the attitudes & passion of our employees, our business is constantly evolving. zooplus has a data-driven approach, and behind the data there are people with true dedication. Furthermore zooplus has a team of employees who adhere to our philosophy – which is to ensure satisfaction and comfort for all animal lovers, and we do not intend to let them down. If you want to increase the satisfaction of our “customers”, don’t hesitate, apply now!

Agile is our day to day culture and we´re continuously growing: this inspires us to always be better. By joining us, you can have an impact on our future and bring changes to our zooplus world!

I joined zooplus in November 2017, looking for a suitable new professional “home” for my skills and objectives. I belong to the Operational Excellence team, in Logistics, and we are busy designing, leading and executing transformational projects with high impact along the value chain of the company. What makes my job awesome is the possibility of driving change in zooplus, in addition to the great and familiar working environment, with supportive and valuable colleagues – both peers and managers alike. Plus, the trust deposited in our team gives us freedom to be independent and creative to find our own ways of accomplishing our challenging targets. Anyone who is innovative, independent, self-driven and likes to challenge the status-quo, would make a great fit!

Photo Orlando Carrillo
Orlando Carrillo
Project Manager Operational Excellence

I joined zooplus in January 2017 as Java Engineer in Finance team.The products I am responsible for do an important job in the background: they help the company to process all incoming orders and release them to Logistics. In the end, this leads to satisfied and returning customers who generate revenue for zooplus. zooplus itself helps me to be a better developer by helping me to increase my competence level and by exposing me to the cutting edge of cloud and other technologies. The best part of zooplus is how my colleagues help me to solve problems, so that I can simply focus on coding, that I enjoy most.

Photo Alexander Filimonov
Alexander Filimonov
Java Engineer

When I read a very interesting job advertisement more than 4 years ago, I was eager to know more about the details of this vacancy. Owning a hungry Labrador, I only knew zooplus as a loyal customer. After two job interviews I was astonished and surprised about the development of zooplus and the complexity of the mechanics of its business. But most importantly, I was impressed by the professional and charming interviewers, and as you might have guessed already - my current colleagues. My initial task was to build up an IT Purchasing landscape by myself, which is now fully implemented. Since day one my dog 'Whiskey' has accompanied me in this journey and my colleagues love her dearly. In case I face some icebergs at work, she is the best melting buddy.

Photo Bastian Hammerer
Bastian Hammerer
Team Lead Indirect Purchasing

I have never owned a pet in my life. Therefore, it’s no surprise, that I didn’t know zooplus five years ago. Back then I have just started the fifth semester of my Bachelor’s degree in Management & Technology at TU München and was looking for a student job in the logistics area. Only a few days before I found zooplus, I had a successful job interview with a different company, but I turned it down because zooplus looked so attractive. Retrospectively, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. When I finished my Bachelor’s degree one year later I was offered the chance to start as a fulltime Replenishment Manager at the “Zoo”. And being a Replenishment Manager at zooplus doesn’t only mean supplying our warehouses with goods. It also means working together with so many interesting people and being involved in so many exciting projects - it never gets boring. Finally, I’ve decided to go back to TU München and add a Master’s degree. And once again zooplus is giving me the greatest support.

Photo Michael Hübner
Michael Hübner
Replenishment Manager

I joined zooplus in Munich on a freezing day in October 2015. Thankfully there was hot tea in the kitchen and warm welcoming colleagues in the room which have kept me going till now. I joined zooplus since it was a 16-year-old company that is growing tremendously and proudly boasted of an IT team with a lot of International colleagues having office in the city center of Munich. As part of the “Shop” Team, I get a chance to work in the most challenging and dynamic parts of our IT systems which I find very rewarding. The company supports a culture of freedom and fun which helps in overall development of the people who work here. The employee policies are fair and friendly in a competitive market. Work is not the only thing we do here. Our legendary office parties and Friday beers with colleagues are a specialty down here on the 2nd floor.

Photo Nikhil Talreja
Nikhil Talreja
Senior Software Engineer

Perks & Benefits

  • Office in the city center
  • Modern work spaces
  • Mobile phone
  • Employee discount
  • Fresh fruits and free beverage
  • Trainings & conferences
  • Company events
  • Restaurant tickets
  • 25 vacation days



zooplus France

2 Rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-Vins
67000 Strasbourg, France